What to pack for holiday in Hvar

Essentials for your holiday in Croatia

Your packing habits and your holiday style dictate what you bring to your travels. Just bear in mind, Hvar is much more than partying and an expensive lifestyle. So while you may think it is all about party get-ups and high heels, think again. Hvar is pretty laidback, even though you might want to put on your best attire for a night or two (if you feel like it). Having a Mediterranean climate, the Croatian coast has mostly warm winters and moderate summers, that can sometimes reach high temperatures. For your summer vacation, you may consider packing lightly, with just a few long-sleeved pieces for those few chilly nights. Just remember you can always opt for some shopping on location, especially when it comes to souvenirs. Always leave some space in your suitcase for the little reminders of a holiday well spent in Croatia. When it comes to Hvar there are some guidelines you can follow to make sure you bring everything you might need.

Stay safe everywhere you go

Even though that applies to Covid-19 circumstances, we primarily mean sunscreen. Laying about in the sun and lounging on the beach can make you tan faster than in the city, so make sure you protect your skin. A pair of sunglasses might come in handy too, as it the most common accessory on the island after all those party nights. Some hats might be nice too, just to keep your head protected from the heat, while you might also use them to sleep soundly on the beach, without anyone noticing. Also, did you know Hvar has the sunniest hours per year in Croatia?
Even though Croatia is a safe country, always be aware of your belongings and do not leave them unattended. If you tend to forget your daily bags behind, you might want to invest in some type of travelers wallet. With so many opportunities for enjoying beaches and water activities, you’ll also want to make sure your smartphone is protected from the elements too. One large beach bag for all those things you might need while spending the day in the sun might come in handy. If you are lounging on Hotel Podstine rocky beach, refreshments are just a wave away and our staff will get it to you in no time. If you choose to explore to island, be sure to pack some water with you.

Comfortable, relaxing, and fun – keywords for your Hvar holiday

Even though it’s summer and you are on an island, don’t forget that Hvar has some decency laws too. Bathing suits are fine for the beach, but not in the city center and for fine dining, even if the tables are outside. Make sure you at least have a cover-up for when you decide to leave the beach. Lightweight clothes, flip flops, and sandals will probably be enough for relaxing, but if you choose to explore the island and engage in some adventure activities, you might need sport shoes. As far as the essentials go, don’t forget a travel adapter for electricity. Your camera, phone, and kindle need energy too so they can keep up with you. Croatia uses 220V, 50 Hz frequency, and type C & F plugs. Both are similar plugs with two round prongs with 19 mm between the two. When it comes to toiletries, you can find some free of charge at Hotel Podstine, as well as WiFi to stay up to date on your social networks and news from home. Ake sure you share your perfect holiday stories with all your friends, so you can both come to enjoy Hvar next time!
Most of all, don’t forget to bring your good spirits!






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