One day in Podstine Boutique Hotel by our Guest

Story of how I spent perfect day in Hvar

Coming to Hvar for the first time, I never really knew what to expect. Sure, you Google it and explore all that you can, but nothing measures up to the moment you reach the city of Hvar by speed boat. It is everything you’ve managed to see online and much more, but could never feel it unless you came here. Authentic Dalmatian houses, palm trees, and white stone are what give you the feeling you arrived at the place that can heal you inside. Just one glance at the crystal clear sea can just wash your worries away, leaving you wanting to dive right into it. Lovely staff from Podstine Hotel are there to greet you when you arrive and help you reach the hotel without much wandering. A slow and short drive is a perfect opportunity to drink in the ambient and make small mental notes of places to visit once you get settled

Boutique Hotel Podstine – the gem of Hvar

Tucked away from the bustling city center, but still a short walk away from everything, Hotel Podstine gives you much-needed privacy and relaxation. After a short check-in procedure, I was led to a beautiful first-floor room, where I immediately stepped out on the balcony and quickly realized what will be my favorite part of this vacation – the view. After settling in the comfort of my room (with many quick visits to the balcony, just to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming after all) I set out to explore the hotel. Since it wasn’t a big resort, which I personally don’t prefer, Podstine was busy enough to give you that hotel feeling, but never crowded so much that it bothers you. With a quick dive in the pool, I realized it would be a shame to spend my day lounging about when the sea is waiting for me. Not being a fan of sandy beaches, the rocky beach in front of Podstine was an ideal choice. Diving right in, the sea temperature was my ideal kind of refreshing before laying on the lounge chair to catch some tan in the late afternoon.

Mesmerizing sunset for relaxing night and adventurous day

Coming here I was really interested in gastronomy. The a la carte restaurant “Amo” was my first introduction to Croatian cuisine, as I opted for staying in for the night. Starting with tuna tartare which was delicious, I chose grilled white fish for the main dish, as it is a local favorite. With the side dish of grilled vegetables, it was a perfect combination for a light and filling dinner. Enjoying it on the terrace on a warm summer night, paired with local wine, made it all even tastier. Kudos to the chef – this rounded of my Mediterranean experience perfectly!

Unreal photos of the Hvar sunset were one of the reasons I chose Podstine, but seeing it live is a whole different level of beauty. With a cocktail in hand, I made my way down to the beach and lounged in one of the beach chairs. With the shades of red and yellow cascading into the sea, I counted my blessings for being able to come here and witness the beauty around me. Just before retiring to my room, I made sure to book some experiences for the next day. Online reviews mentioned a relaxing massage that I cannot miss. Settling down for the night in my room I fell asleep listening to the sound of waves. Hvar is a gem of the Adriatic sea that is a must-see on your to-do list any summer, and staying in Hotel Podstine made that experience truly memorable!

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