(Safe) Holidays in time of Covid-19

Small Hvar hotel with the private beach as the perfect destination

With only 50 rooms, a private beach, and a private swimming pool, hotel Podstine is your ideal summer destination when it comes to health and safety. Situated on beautiful Hvar island, this hospitality gem is your next summer sensation. In times like these when “new normal” is still hard to get used to, visiting Podstine is feeling like you can let out a breath of anticipation you didn’t even know you were holding. With the invitingly refreshing pool, crystal clear sea, and a private beach for hotel guests only, everything here is catered to the needs of the guests. Having a private place all for yourself while still enjoying every benefit of a hotel service has never been more important (or needed). That is why it is good to know that Podstine values both their safety, as well as yours.

Let Podstine hospitality professionals take care of you

The safety and comfort of the guests remain the highest priority, so the maximum is done to employ all the measures suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO). Podstine staff is trained and remains vigilant at all times when it comes to health and safety. Hand sanitizers are placed in all public areas, which are also cleaned regularly and thoroughly. All rooms are cleaned and inspected before the arrival of the next guest with even greater attention than before (and Podstine always scored high marks from their guests in that area). Products used for cleaning on hotel premises are approved for use by health professionals and effective against viruses.

Podstine restaurant remains open at all times, but with slightly different rules. There is no classic buffet for guests to choose delicacies from, but restaurant staff will be there to assist every patron with getting the dish. All food and beverage services are conducted following current food safety recommendations. To ensure maximum safety for everyone, safe social distancing is implemented on the entire property. Podstine will continue following the guidelines of the health authorities and taking measures to ensure a safe environment while maintaining a perfect holiday experience.

Private, secluded, clean and discrete

Boutique hotel feel means that huge crowds at reception area are not a regular occurrence. Educated reception staff will be more than happy to cater to your requests and personalize your stay at Podstine as much as possible. You are more than welcome to ask for their assistance during your entire stay since they are the ones “in-the-know” when it comes to do’s and don’ts in Hvar. They are also the ones who will check you in so you can enjoy your stay in the newly renovated rooms.

While Podstine staff made sure that every square centimeter of hotel property is spotless even before your arrival, they also refreshed the entire look of the most popular rooms on the property before the opening in the summer of 2021. You can now indulge your sense of sight inside, as well as outside of the hotel. Earthly tones that enwrap you while resting on our allergy-free beds, blend perfectly with the trees and the sea that you see and smell from your balcony. While you enjoy your cocktail in our beach bar you can indulge your senses of taste and smell, savoring the Mediterranean as it once was!

Book Your Next Vacation & Evoke Your Senses in Podstine Boutique Beach Resort. Welcome!

Swimming in Sea Hvar