Tired of sand in your suitcase? Here is why Hvar rocky beaches are the best!

All the benefits of a crystal sea and a rocky beach to dive in it from


Roughly 72% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, and 70% of that is saltwater. When opting for a beach, there are usually two kinds of people – sandy beach people and rocky beach people. True, many picture-perfect postcards have those golden vasts that slowly merge with the ocean blue, but let’s really think about that for a second, shall we? Having a perfect summer vacation is all about making memories that last for a lifetime – not so much taking them home in every part of your baggage (and body) imaginable, right? Unless you are an avid fan of rinsing out all our swimming suits after each dip and having sand particles all over your suitcase, let us tell you why our rocky beach is a better choice any time you think of your summer dream holiday!


More rocks mean more underwater flora and fauna

Rocky beaches occur where coastal cliffs erode and crumble into large rock deposits along the shoreline, blocking the build-up of smaller, sandy sediment. They are areas of rich intertidal biodiversity and are also great for some underwater fun. Diving and snorkeling are very popular on the island of Hvar! Once you go under, a plethora of sea life awaits!  There are also amazing underwater landscapes you must not miss, as there is something truly unique about experiencing the dive in the Adriatic sea. There are around 15 diving spots in the Hvar area and you can try them all out with some of the many diving centers on the island. Diving excursions are quite popular around here, as both new enthusiasts, as well as experienced divers, can find something suitable for their underwater adventure. For example, if you choose Anchor Wall, on a depth of 30-35 meters, you’ll see lobsters, moray eel, sleeping spotted dogfish, and often schools of Jacks or sea breams passing by. Ascending towards the end of the wall, at a depth of 18 meters, you’ll encounter a big Admiral anchor hanging on the very edge of the cliff.


Rocky beaches are more private – especially ours


If you are the kind of person to enjoy a quiet getaway surrounded by nature, this is the type of beach you should seek out. Luckily for you, Hotel Podstine has one very private rock beach waiting for you the whole summer long! Having a rocky surrounding means you cannot easily be bothered. If the idea of crowded beaches with screaming people, rubbing elbows, and fighting for a spot with your towel makes you want to cancel your travel plans, don’t go delaying that flight just yet. Hotel Podstine offers you sunbeds on a shore that cannot be accessed by anyone other than hotel guests. With our beach bar handy for some refreshments, there is no better summer combination for a relaxing holiday. There are no mile-long walks into the sea just to reach a knee-deep level – you can take a plunge and dive just right into our clean, deep blue Adriatic sea! When you are done with the waves for the day, just go ahead and lay down to catch some sun rays so you can boast with your tan to work colleagues back home. If you are more attracted by the shade, we have some really tall green trees to give your all the natural protection you might need, with the breeze cooling you off after an invigorating swim. Did we also mention the pool you can opt for just for a change of pace and scenery? Yes, we have it all! So what are waiting for – book your summer fun now and thank us later!

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