Best photo locations in Podstine – make Hvar your best memory

Want influencer-worthy photos? Snap away at our fave Podstine locations!


Have you even been on vacation if it is not documented on your social media? Hotel Podstine is full of locations that can be your perfect backdrop for insta-worthy pictures that will make all your followers wish they were here with you. Hotel Podstine is located right on the beachfront, so much so that it has its own private beach! Right from the moment you step into our lobby, you can start snapping away. Our welcoming bar boasts a perfect open sea view from the top. Hotel décor can inspire you for some clicks inside the building itself, but the main attraction is our garden. Fine dining in the natural shade with a sea breeze that gently tousles your hair is definitely one of our personal favorites. Let’s not forget the #yummy you can publish along with the picture of our Restaurant Amo dinner specials. The stone stairs that take you to our terrace have been a stage for many celebratory photo shootings, even including a few weddings, so you might want to work an angle or two there before you descend to our ultimate photo spot.


Private beach, blue waves, and golden sunset – can we be more insta-worthy?


Beach photos are an absolute must for summer vacations, but when you pair them with the perfect sunset, that is what we call the photo jackpot! Hotel Podstine beach bar gives you many opportunities to snap a perfect selfie, but once you are on the very beach, possibilities are endless. Take a dive and show off your “perfect ten” jump, or take a stroll along our sea bridge and make it seem like you are in the middle of a blue vast. Hide in the perfect natural shade of our little forest and let nature be your ever-changing backdrop. Did your know that our beach bar offers refreshments all day long? The smoothies they make are not just healthy, but also make a great selfie partner toshow off that healthy lifestyle you got going. Don’t forget the pool! Once you get tired of the waves, head up just a few stairs and enjoy the pool area, right in front of the spa facilities. Speaking of which, how about a group photo from one of the three bathtubs that you can find in the said spa area? Or just grab an inflatable animal or two and make our pool your personal photo area.


Perfect photo spots to capture your great Hvar vacation


Sometimes those vacation selfies might need a little outside help. They might not be photo professionals, but our friendly staff has taken so many guest photos per their request, that they can be considered at least advanced photo amateurs. They will be more than happy to assist you with capturing those memorable summer moments. If you got the impression that we like to brag about our photogenic surroundings, you are absolutely right! Just take a look at our Facebook and Instagram profiles for some great shots and let us inspire you to make a few of those yourself. Don’t forget to tag us, we would love to show off your work too! Get your insta-game on at Hotel Podstine and enjoy every second doing it!